Hour Blanket

So many friends and colleagues with babies, so little time.  In an ideal world I'd spend days making them all fantastic scrappy quilts with tiny pieces and hand bound with love.  Here's another way to get lovely, handmade gift into the hands of all the expecting parents in your life.

I started with two yards of fabric, each cut to 36 by 40 inches, and a piece of batting the same size.  Here I've used double gauze, quilting cotton, and cotton batting. I prefer to use natural fibers - cotton, wool, and linen - when possible.

Lay out the pieces on the floor.  Put down the batting first, one of your fabrics face up, and the other face down on up.  Smooth everything out and trim up the edges if necessary, making sure everything is nice and square.

I wanted curved corners so traced around a bowl.  (Very glam Corelle dishes in our house.)

Pin around the edges (no need for basting, yay!) and sew around the edge of the quilt with a 1/4 inch seam allowance leaving an 8 inch gap on one side.  Turn the quilt right sides out through the gap and press, turning in the edges around the opening. Pin the opening shut and sew around the edges from this side.

I hand tied this blanket but I'm sure you could quit it at this point, too.  I used wool yarn and a big darning needle, spacing the ties soooomewhat evenly around the blanket.  No need for perfectionism here.

 I tied this blanket in just nine places - that should be enough for modern batting.

That's it! Ta-da! Now every baby in your life can have an all-natural handmade blanket.