Fancy Fox Quilt

A few months ago, I saw a fox quilt Astrid posted on Instagram.  Usually I'm so good about planning out my quilts ahead of time and sticking to my plan, but this one I couldn't resist.  I found the pattern, bought it, and started sorting through my red and orange fabrics the next day.

I wasn't disappointed.  These foxes are quick and easy to make and there's something so charming about their faces.  Also I bought a house about six months ago and a charming fox lives nearby; I see him trot through the yard every few weeks or so.  So this feels extra special.

Last weekend I entered a new era - I attended my first peer baby shower.  As much as I wanted to keep this quilt, I knew the expecting mom would love it too, and would actually get some use out of it.  

And oh my goodness did I get a good reception.  Is there anything better than a friend opening a gift you've made, looking down at it, her eyes widening, looking up at you and exclaiming "oh my gosh Katie, did you make this!?"

That's why we quilters do it, I think.  That's why I do.

You can see my whole process by checking out #gremlinfancyfox over on Instagram.  You can buy the pattern here.